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Welcome to the Simantics wiki. This wiki documents the SimAntics language which drives the gameplay (objects and sims) behind The Sims (TS1), The Sims Online (TSO) and The Sims 2 (TS2). This wiki focuses mostly on the TSO implementation, but much of the information will be applicable in some format to the others.

To get started with SimAntics, check out the article Introduction to SimAntics. The wiki is currently focusing on research and development as we don't yet know everything about SimAntics, so a lot of information will be incorrect or incomplete. Feel free to edit any page you wish to correct any errors or document newly discovered functionality!

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Objects for the game were programmed in an assembly intermediary of SimAntics using a developer tool called '''Edith''', which is named after the first character produced for the game, Edith Bunker, and also stands for '''Edit Hierarchies''' or '''Edit House'''. The tool employs a box-and-arrow tree layout, in which each box describes an instruction and then points to one or more other boxes to direct control flow. This layout was designed and implemented by Jamie Doornbos. The workspace was saved as metadata with the objects and was normally stripped before release; the NPCs, however, did not have their workspaces stripped, and they can be read along with their comments by the 3rd-party clone of Edith called Codex.

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