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Objects for the game were programmed in an assembly intermediary of SimAntics using a developer tool called '''Edith''', which is named after the first character produced for the game, Edith Bunker, and also stands for '''Edit Hierarchies''' or '''Edit House'''. The tool employs a box-and-arrow tree layout, in which each box describes an instruction and then points to one or more other boxes to direct control flow. This layout was designed and implemented by Jamie Doornbos. The workspace was saved as metadata with the objects and was normally stripped before release; the NPCs, however, did not have their workspaces stripped, and they can be read along with their comments by the 3rd-party clone of Edith called Codex.

Along with providing a tool editing interface, Edith allowed the programmer to load the Edith window alongside the game to immediately test newly created objects; thus, the E key was the "Edit House" command.

Edith was not officially released outside of Maxis but was demonstrated in short videos by Don Hopkins, which can be found on the Movies section of his website, specifically, in this order:

  1. The Sims Pie Menus (Edith demonstration) (47.1MB / 49,471,706 bytes)
  2. Free The Sims Demo (7.94MB / 8,329,392 bytes)
  3. Transmogrifier Demo (5.23MB / 5,493,860 bytes)
  4. Object Exporter Demo (0.97MB / 1,026,770 bytes)
  5. Person Exporter Demo (1.50MB / 1,578,455 bytes)

EA also allowed a computer science class taught by Kenneth D. Forbus at Northwestern University in May 2001 and May 2002 to use Edith as part of their curriculum, but no students ever saved the software. Some documents were provided to the public describing the virtual machine:

The text strings used in the GUI for Edith are shipped with the game in both The Sims 1 and The Sims Online in a file named <tt>behavior.iff</tt>. Numerical constants as well can be found in the [[OTF]] files in the globals folder as well as the C++ headers located in the UIGraphics folder of both games.


Edith has been known since early 2012 to have been leaked in the final version of EA-Land. On December 22, 2012, a patch was released by Fatbag which launches Edith instead of the game. The patch can be downloaded here (please keep a copy of the entire original, unmodified game in a separate folder):

Certain features, such as spawning new instances of objects on a lot and debugging them, are inactive without a working game lot.

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