Global Data

Global Data refers to the fields containing information about the game state. There are 33 in total, and each can be accessed by SimAntics via a Scope.

id name notes
0 Hour (Deprecated, see CityTime, TST or GameTime) Accessed via TST, CityTime, GameTime scopes in TSO. Unsure if they are still meant to be functional.
1 Day Of Month (DEPRECATED) See 0
2 Zoom Level (S/M/L) Only used by tutorial, unused by TSO objects. 1=near, 2=med, 3=far
3 Selected Person ID The ID of the Person currently selected by the client.
4 Time of Day (DEPRECATED) See 0
5 Minute (DEPRECATED) See 0
6 Second (DEPRECATED) See 0
7 Month (DEPRECATED) See 0
8 Year (DEPRECATED) See 0
9 Current Family Unused by any TSO objects. There are some holdovers in the unused pet show object.
10 Current House Probably Unused. Lots of holdovers for eg. phone globals (can't call people already over, etc) but doesn't look like they get called…
11 Online Job Lot Grade Set when creating the job lot's simulator. Controls whether Sims can access via the door etc.
12 Last GZ Button ID Only used in help system, which is not used.
13 Budget Mod 10000 Low part of budget. Not used by any TSO objects, but again there are holdovers in unused ones.
14 Budget Div 10000 High part of budget.
15 Current Language There are a few special cases in newspaper for the german language code, where it uses a special model for the newspaper.
16 Speed Only used in help system (since speed cannot be changed in TSO! 1000 seems to be the max.
17 Runtime Code Version Changes behaviour of some TSO functions depending on value. 3 seems to be the max/ideal/new and improved version.
18 Unused_18
19 Mode Live/Buy/Build… Used by awnings to change display, counters and help system.
20 Game Edition A bitfield. Probably to detect which expansion packs are installed… Too bad TSO doesn't have any!
21 Controller ID The Job Controller's ID, used by the three OnlineJobs. One of the few globals actually used…
22 InHardCoreCity Affects tuning of several objects to make things "harder". Used in Dragon's Cove in the original.
23 Lot Size I was unable to locate a single use of this. Most likely the current lot size, probably only used by non simantics things like build/buy and the lot size upgrade UI.
24 Is Online? 1 or 0. I don't see why this would ever be 0, but there are special cases for it when dealing with people
25 Debug flags If flag 1 is set, the game enables "Debug Balloons" using a function in globals. Not sure what these are, but I'd like to find out! Some other flags are used too.
26 Sims1.0 Is Tutorial House (No/Yes) No. Definitely not. Always 0.
27 Unused_27
28 Days Running How many Sim days the house has been running. Used to start the easter egg messages in The Sims 1 past 100. Objects occasionally set Day Created to this.
29 Unused_29
30 Free Will If 0, food objects do not call everyone to eat when they are served.
31 House radio station The radio station playing throughout the house. Set by various sound systems and the piano when an NPC is playing.
32 Unused32

Most of these are unused, especially the UI related ones, probably to avoid risking a client/server desync.

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