Person Data

Person Data refers to a person's built in fields such as their age, skill points, personality, if they are a ghost etc. There are 100 in total, and each can be accessed by SimAntics via a Scope. These variables should be stored with the sim in the database and applied when recreating the sim in a lot they're visiting. (eg. these should follow them around)

id name notes
0 Posture Standing/Sitting/Kneeling
1 Money Amount over Head Defaults to -32768, presumably meaning the display is disabled.
2 Nice Personality 0-1000 Range
3 Active Personality 0-1000 Range
4 Generous Personality 0-1000 Range
5 Playful Personality 0-1000 Range
6 Outgoing Personality 0-1000 Range
7 Neat Personality 0-1000 Range
8 Current Outfit The sim's current outfit ID.
9 Skill Efficiency Involved in a lot of Global functions tagged *DEPRECATED*, so may not be functional.
10 Cooking Skill The sim's cooking skill. Divide by 100 to get value in skill points.
11 Charisma Skill The sim's charisma skill. Divide by 100 to get value in skill points.
12 Mechanical Skill The sim's mechanical skill. Divide by 100 to get value in skill points.
13 Network ID Some plants and the Magazine stack seem to set this to various values… May be a holdover from when this meant something else in TS1 though.
14 Online Status
15 Creativity Skill The sim's creativity skill. Divide by 100 to get value in skill points.
16 Custom Outfit Index
17 Body Skill The sim's body skill. Divide by 100 to get value in skill points.
18 Logic Skill The sim's logic skill. Divide by 100 to get value in skill points.
19 Unused & Do NOT Use Is actually used in fridges…
20 Allowed Social and Puppeteering?
21 Is Housemate? 1:true, 0:false
22 Hand Gesture - Left 0: Hand Open, 1: Hand Palm, 2: Hand Closed. Is set to 0 a lot and is only set to anything else by the dresser semi globals… So might be unused.
23 Hand Gesture - Right Same as above.
24 Job Data Completely Unused by TSO.
25 Tree Use Data Field
26 Chat Balloon On?
27 Tick Counter
28 Tree Use Data Field 2
29 Cheats Used to allow sims to do things normal sims cannot, eg. the maid can enter roommate only doors. 1:true, 0:false
30 Censorship Flags 8 bits: bit 0=Pelvis, 1=Spine if Female, 2=Head, 3=Left Hand, 4=Right Hand, 5=Left Foot, 6=Right Foot, 7=Full Body
31 Neighbor ID
32 Person Type 2 for NPCs.
33 Priority
34 Greet Status
35 Visitor Schedule
36 Autonomy Level 0-100
37 Route Entry Flags Set after routing primitive, tells the object which direction the entry point is at. 1 = front, 4 = right, 16 = back, 64 = left. You can fill in the gaps.
38 Multiple Routes
39 Routing Complete
40 Walking Up Stairs true: 1, false:0
41 Head Seek Object
42 Head Seek State
43 Head Seek Finish Action
44 Head Seek Limit Action
45 Head Seek Timeout
46 i: Travel/Toys Start interests section. These control the topics chosen by the Chat interaction. Range 1-10
47 i: Violence/Aliens Range 1-10
48 i: Politics/Pets Range 1-10
49 i: 60's/School Range 1-10
50 i: Weather Range 1-10
51 i: Sports Range 1-10
52 i: Music Range 1-10
53 i: Outdoors End interests section. Range 1-10
54 Unused & Do NOT Use These ones actually aren't used I think.
55 Unused & Do NOT Use
56 Job Type
57 Job Promotion Level
58 Person Age <18 signifies a child, though 0 signals an adult (see Am I A Child/Adult behaviours). Most NPC sims are 27.
59 Interaction Status
60 Skin Color Only used by petmaternitybox. Most likely 0:light, 1:med, 2:dark, unsure for pets.
61 Incoming Friends Is a family ID of some sort. References are left but I don't think this is functional.
62 Route Result
63 Job Performance Not used by TSO, though the bookcases have some references left in for kids studying for school.
64 Is Swimming? 1:true, 0:false
65 Gender 0=male, 1=female
66 Private
67 Lingering House Number
68 Is Ghost? 0=Normal, 1=Ghost. Used by campfire ghost, and presumably player ghosts.
69 Chat Color Used by game when rendering chat bubble above sim.
70 SkillLock A bitfield containing information on which skills have skill locks on this sim.
71 Non-Interruptible 1 means the current action cannot be interrupted. (eg. dying!)
72 Route Footprint Mask
73 Footprint Extension
74 Render Display Flags
75 SocialTargetID
76 Current Object
77 Hat ID Used by the hat rack object to track what hat the person is currently wearing.
78 Decoration Flags
79 Decoration Dirty Flags
80 Interaction Mask
81 SkillLockBody This avatar's skill lock for the body skill. Used by jobdegrade to determine lower bound of degrading skill.
82 SkillLockCharisma Same as above but with charisma.
83 SkillLockCooking Same as above but with cooking.
84 SkillLockCreativity Same as above but with creativity.
85 SkillLockLogic Same as above but with logic.
86 SkillLockMechanical Same as above but with mechanical.
87 Death Ticker Handles death duration (in minutes). Set to (#Global Tuning Auto-Revival Hours (max 540))*60 upon death and ticked over by the Death Controller.
88 Gardener Rehire Ticker Intended to cause a delay between firing the Gardener and when you can rehire them. Set by NPC Controller when NPC is fired.
89 Maid Rehire Ticker Same as above but with the Maid.
90 Repairman Rehire Ticker Same as above but with the Repairman
91 OnlineJobID Used by OnlineJobs to determine what Job this sim has.
92 OnlineJobGrade Used by OnlineJobs to determine what grade this sim is working at.
93 OnlineJobXP Used by OnlineJobs to keep track of job perfomance for promotions. All logic handled via SimAntics.
94 OnlineJobSickDays Used by OnlineJobs to keep track of job sick days. All logic handled via SimAntics.
95 RandomSkinIndex Initially -1
96 RandomHeadIndex Initially -1
97 RandomSkinColor Initially -1
98 OnlineJobStatusFlags
99 NumOutgoingFriends
100 BadgeLevel
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