Walking Animations

Routing in the sims is not controlled by SimAntics, instead it is controlled by an external "Walking Engine" which takes over from the avatar's SimAntics thread when one of the routing primitives (Goto Routing Slot, Goto Relative Position) is called. As such, a few animation pointers are hard-coded into the game to use for certain types of sim (male, female, cat, dog).

Walk Styles

Name Adult Cat Dog
Walking Start a2o-walking-start.anim k2o-walking-start.anim d2o-walking-start.anim
Walking Loop a2o-walking-loop.anim k2o-walking-loop.anim d2o-walking-loop.anim
Running Start a2o-running-start.anim k2o-running-start.anim d2o-running-start.anim
Running Loop a2o-running-loop.anim k2o-running-loop.anim d2o-running-loop.anim
Bear Walk Start a2o-bear-walking-start.anim N/A N/A
Bear Walk Loop a2o-bear-walking-loop.anim N/A N/A
Raccoon Walk Start N/A N/A d2o-raccoon-walk-start.anim
Raccoon Walk Loop N/A N/A d2o-raccoon-walk-loop.anim
Raccoon Run Start N/A N/A d2o-raccoon-walk-start.anim
Raccoon Run Loop N/A N/A d2o-raccoon-walk-loop.anim

Rotations while moving are achieved simply by gradually rotating the character while the walking loop is playing.

Rotations before and after routing

Direction Adult Adult (running) Cat Dog
180 CCW a2o-standing-turn-180-ccw.anim a2o-running-turn-180-ccw.anim k2o-turn-180-ccw.anim d2o-turn-180-ccw.anim
90 CCW a2o-standing-turn-90-ccw.anim a2o-running-turn-90-ccw.anim k2o-turn-90-ccw.anim d2o-turn-90-ccw.anim
45 CCW a2o-standing-turn-45-ccw.anim a2o-running-turn-45-ccw.anim k2o-turn-45-ccw.anim d2o-turn-45-ccw.anim
0 a2o-standing-turn-0.anim a2o-running-turn-0.anim k2o-turn-0.anim d2o-turn-0.anim
45 CW a2o-standing-turn-45-cw.anim a2o-running-turn-45-cw.anim k2o-turn-45-cw.anim d2o-turn-45-cw.anim
90 CW a2o-standing-turn-90-cw.anim a2o-running-turn-90-cw.anim k2o-turn-90-cw.anim d2o-turn-90-cw.anim
180 CW a2o-standing-turn-180-cw.anim a2o-running-turn-180-cw.anim k2o-turn-180-cw.anim d2o-turn-180-cw.anim

NOTE: 135 degree rotations are achieved by gradually rotating the sim while playing the 90 degree rotation.

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